Pressure Sensitive Tapes

SpecTape, Inc  supplies pressure-sensitive tapes to distributors across the United States for a variety of industrial, commercial and specialty applications.

Our extensive product line includes industrial tapes, packaging tapes, and tapes for specialized applications, such as heavy duty splicing, adhering, bonding, and sealing.  Our converting capabilities include spool wound tapes, skip slit double coated tapes, perforated tapes, extended liner tapes, and many more.

Our comprehensive converting plant, located in Erlanger, Kentucky, allows us to produce specialty items tailored for custom applications via coating, laminating and die cutting various substrates per the project’s requirements.

Packaging Materials

Our reputation is based on years of expertise and reliable, unparalleled products and services, and our selected distributors are no exception. Our products are held to the highest standards of durability and performance, and our distributors typically stock companion packaging materials with the same level of quality. Our distributors carry bubble-pack, steel and plastic strapping and a complete line of equipment for box closure and tape dispensing.