Our selection of strapping tapes are great for applications involving heavy loads and bundling.  Browse below or call for more information.

  •  ST-101:


General purpose fiberglass reinforced polyester, moisture and abrasion resistant.
  •  ST-103:


 General purpose economy grade fiberglass reinforced polyester.
  •  ST-104A:


 Fiberglass reinforced mylar backing, carton sealing, bundling, palletizing.
  •  ST-106:


 Economy grade fiberglass reinforced tape for light duty general purpose use.
  • ST-117Bi:


 Bi-directionally glass reinforced polypropylene tape.
  •  ST-118:


 Heavy duty fiberglass reinforced mylar for bundling, packaging, etc. PPP-T-97C, Type 11, Class B.
  •  ST-118B:


 Same as above except black color.
  •  ST-121:


 High-performance fiberglass reinforced polyester designed to resist curling and splitting.
  •  ST-154:


 Medium duty, glass/paper tape, meat, seafood, poultry pkg. PPP-T-97, Type 11, Class A.
  •  ST-442:


 High tensile black polypropylene strapping tape, bundling, palletizing.
  •  ST-460:


 Tensilized black polypropylene strapping tape, lightweight bundling, packaging.
  •  ST-461:


 High tensile ivory color strapping tape – appliance grade adhesive.